Monday, January 31, 2011

Focusing on the Blessings

Post #41
Weight 195 loss of 2.5 pounds

It's been two weeks since I've last posted my weight. Last week I weighed 197.5 which was the same as the week before. Last week I stepped up my cardio workouts and it has paid off. When I remember that last summer I was walking the treadmill at 3.2mph and now am up to 3.9mph for 45 minutes and elevation of 1.0, it's encouraging. My clothes are becoming looser, too. This weekend I should go shopping for some new ones. We'll see after all the bills get paid.

School keeps me so busy during the week that even the thought of blogging at the end of the day makes me tired. I've managed to be disciplined in every other area of my life, but this one. When I get home at the end of the day I'm on my computer almost immediately, but all I do is check my e-mail, my Facebook page and then a jigsaw puzzle site I love to play on. Thinking of stuff to write is just too much work. Besides, my life is pretty mundane. Not much happens that would be interesting to read about. If I could write about the details of my school day, that would be a different matter, but that is off limits due to confidentiality issues. That's too bad, as the kids almost daily do or say something that is funny, touching or frustrating. They keep my life and job from being boring. There's always something happening at school.

Another thing I do on the computer is check out some favorite homemaking blogs I've put in my favorites column. I love to read these to see how the other half lives. The half that, as a young girl, I just assumed I would be a part of. These are women who are wives and mothers, many of them stay at home moms who homeschool their children. They are very creative. I'm not sure why I am drawn to these blogs as their lives are so different from the one I'm living. For some reason there is a yearning there. Maybe it's grief for a life I've always wanted but just wasn't in the cards for me. As I read these now, I just try to enjoy the creativity there and focus on the many blessings I do enjoy in my own life. I've so much to be thankful for.

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