Monday, November 22, 2010

Pants on the Ground (Almost)

Entry #34

Weight 206.5 pounds - loss of 3 pounds

I just re-read last week's entry and realized I hadn't finished it. My computer has been messing up and after awhile it just disconnects from the internet. I took it in to the Geek Squad on Saturday and thought it was fixed, finally. However, after being online for about an hour Saturday night I was again kicked off. Hopefully I can finish this one.

It's increasingly difficult for me to come up with stuff to write on this blog and have been thinking about stopping altogether. This summer it seemed so easy to find things to write about. Now, it's such an effort and I dread it. However, I think I should keep it up just as a matter of discipline. It's helped keep me on track with weight loss knowing I have to post my weight every Monday or Tuesday.

My weight loss is really starting to show in my clothes and that is a good feeling. One of these days I'll need to buy some new ones. But I like the feel of pants that used to fit being very loose and baggy.

On to Thanksgiving. This Thursday will present a number of challenges. I've thought about doing what Sean does and just add an extra 1,000 calories for the day's total. That sounds good, but am afraid it will be difficult to go back to sensible eating the next day.

Just returned from a long shopping trip with my little sister and her two little ones. She's hosting our family Thanksgiving dinner this year and watching her load her cart with all kinds of good, fattening things, it became quite clear that Thursday will present some challenges. I'm bringing salad and some carrot cake bites. I found the recipie for these on another homemaking blog and they sound divine. I'm actually using my family as guinea pigs to test the carrot cake bites. If they are well received, I will be making them for goody bags for my parent helpers at school. Maybe I will add those extra 1,000 calories after all!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Entry #33

Weight 209.5 No gain/no loss.

Not much of a surprise at weigh-in this morning. I didn't expect to lose much, if anything and wasn't disappointed. Lately I've found myself sliding on the calorie counting. It's so easy to pop in a handful of cereal while fixing dinner, or eat a couple of slices of roast beef as I'm making a sandwich for lunch. I've also been very lax in recording calories on the weekends. They haven't been free for alls, but it's too easy to consume extra calories when I don't keep track of the calories I've eaten. So, this coming week back to counting calories faithfully.

In the exercise department, I haven't done too badly this past week. I've stepped up the speed on the treadmill from 3.5 mph to 3.6 for 45 minutes. It doesn't sound like much of a jump, just a tenth of

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some New Goals

Entry #32

Weight 209.5 pounds. Loss of 5.5 pounds over two weeks.

It's been two weeks since I've posted an entry. There seems to be less and less time for writing these days. Preparing report cards and getting ready for parent conferences takes priority over almost everything at this time of year.

The weight continues to come off and I am grateful for that. Because the losses are continuing to be more than expected, the thought that my scale is off keeps creeping up on me. As I blogged last time, the solution would be to weigh something like an unopened bag of flour or sugar to provide a quick answer. However, I'm still trusting that the numbers are right. Is this denial or just positive thinking?

I managed to survive Halloween with all the candy and goodies offered to me at my classroom Halloween party. One holiday down and two more to go. This is my absolute favorite time of year where three holidays are crammed into the space of three months. It will also prove to be the most challenging time this year. I am determined to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas, including a few goodies, but don't want to overindulge as in the past.

I met my three weight loss goals for October and feel good about that. The next step would be to set some new ones. So here goes. By November 30th these are the goals I will meet.

1. Elliptical - 15 minutes at Level 3.

2. Treadmill - 45 minutes at 3.6 or higher.

3. Loss of 10 more pounds.

These seem to be reasonable goals while still challenging. In terms of the other goals (decorating my living room and cleaning my garage and spare room) I didn't fare so well. I even had a friend offer to help me with the decorating and I've put off calling her. I'm not sure why decorating seems to be such a huge challenge that I don't even want to begin. So, I will set a very short term goal - by this Sunday, Nov. 14th, I will call my friend and set up a time for her to come over and give me some tips. There. Now it's in writing and published so I'll have to do it or face coming back here next week and admitting failure once again.