Saturday, October 16, 2010

Small Victories

Entry #29

About a week ago I began posting and answering questions I got off of Kenz's blog , All The Weigh. At the time I'd planned to finish answering them a few at a time during the week. That didn't happen as my work week was extremely busy. So, with a few extra minutes tonight I'll tackle a few of them.

5. What's the #1 thing you look forward to when you hit your goal weight? I'm looking forward to being able to shop just about anywhere I want to. For the past twenty-five years or so I've had to shop in stores that carry larger sizes. It will be nice to be able to shop in the regular sections of any department store.

6. Do you have support on your weight loss journey? My friends who've read my blog, both those I've known for years and new ones made here, are all very supportive. I've told my little sister, Christine, about this latest attempt at weight loss and she has been very encouraging and supportive.

7. What is your favorite exercise? Right now my favorite exercise is the treadmill. I would like to eventually run on the treadmill. That will have to wait as the few times I did even a slow jog, my knees protested for days afterwards. I'm still too heavy to put that much strain on my knee joints. So, for now I'll have to settle for a fast walk.

That's enough of the questions for now. I've been finding that my determination has been waning lately. Some of the bloom is off the rose, so to speak. This past week I've been pretty good in making good food choices. But it's beginning to feel like drudgery. I skipped my workout on Friday morning which, thankfully, didn't translate into a day of eating junk. I could easily have done that as we celebrated Boss' Day and there were many baked goods and one of my favorite kinds of cookies - frosted sugar. I'm happy to say that I didn't have any of the sweets. Unfortunately, there's plenty left over for Monday.

I spent part of the afternoon at school getting some work done and those darn cookies are in the refrigerator just lying in wait for me. I'll need to go back out tomorrow for awhile to finish up and hope I can resist them just one more time. I just told myself that I can have one of those kind of cookies any time I want. I don't need to have one today. As long as I can keep making that decision every day, I'll be okay. Small victories - I'll take 'em.

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