Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Successful Week

Entry 21

Weight 231 pounds. 2 pounds lost this week for a total weight loss of 28 pounds.

Again, very thankful for a successful week. I wasn't so sure I would lose anything this week and I don't know why I had that feeling. So I was very relieved and happy to see the new numbers this morning.

I thought it might be a good idea to look back at the goals I set last week and see what, if any, progress has been made toward meeting them.

I've got to lose 8 more pounds by Oct. 31st to make my goal of a 10 pound loss. If I can keep up this losing pace, this goal should be met.

I'm up to 8 minutes on the elliptical at Level 2. I want to be at 15 minutes by October 31st.

I'm walking the treadmill at 3.4 mph for 25 minutes without stopping. My goal is to walk it for all 45 minutes at 3.4 mph by Oct. 31st.

I have yet to do anything with my walls in my living room. There's still time to get this done.

I haven't gotten together with my girlfriends from church yet. Time is running out on this goal.

Even though I still haven't put up anything on my living room walls, I did spend a couple of hours planting more flowers and ground cover in my yard yesterday afternoon. So I feel good about that.

It's become obvious to me over this past week how important goal setting is. It was a little easier to push myself harder at the gym because I want to meet my goals by or before the "due" dates. Hopefully, I'll also be able to add a little swimming time at the gym after school one or two days this week.

Staying with this diet/exercise program has been easier than I thought it would be and that, in a way, is a little worrisome. I still catch myself wondering how long I'll be able to keep it up. I've been to this rodeo before and am usually gung ho for awhile and then eventually give up when it becomes too hard to stay away from the candy aisle at the store. This time is different in that I feel more accountable by my commitment to share my "weigh-ins" every week. There are also so many friends who know I'm on this journey that it would be hard to face them if I just give up. But, the most important reason to stick with it is my health. I want to be healthy and able to enjoy my old age when it comes!


  1. Ooo. Stop the thought right there! I heard myself in your words and the warning bells started clanging. Don't wonder when you're going to trip up. Stay focused on the daily victories - or the hourly victories - whatever small piece keeps you motivated. Don't focus on the huge-o big journey or you will get overwhelmed. Today is the only choice on which you need to focus. Make today a great day.

  2. WTG on all you are accomplishing!! You should be so proud of yourself :)

    I agree w/ Annaleah-stay positive! You are rocking this :)