Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toes In The Water!

Day 1, Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is my first attempt at blogging. I was encouraged by Kenz at All The Weigh to start a blog and, after some hesitancy, finally decided to just do it.

Before finding Kenz's blog I read the AOL homepage story from last week about Sean Anderson and his very successful weight loss. I stumbled onto Kenz's blog while reading Sean's. They are both required daily reading for me now. I've experienced my share of successes, always followed by regaining the lost weight plus more. The positive, sensible messages I've found on Kenz and Sean's blogs have inspired me to follow their examples.

Here's a little about me: I am a 52 year old single woman, living in central California. I have been an elementary school teacher for 23 years, this year will be year 24. I enjoy reading, listening to music, baking and cooking. I love the ocean although I don't get there as often as I would like. My faith is Catholic and in the past was very active in my parish. The past few years I've taken a bit of a break from that, however.

I'm a little uncertain of the direction I would like this blog to take. Like Sean, the main reason I've started writing is to keep myself honest with my weight loss efforts and if I can possibly be an inspiration to anyone else, so much the better.

At this time I am 5ft 2.5in. tall and weigh 259 pounds. I would like to weigh 125-130. At least that is what I'm shooting for! This time I really feel like it's possible. I'm counting calories (something I have studiously avoided for years) and there are no forbidden foods. I belong to a gym and plan to go at least five days a week. Right now I'm just walking the treadmill, but will gradually add other cardio and weight machines as I progress.

This is more than a little scary and intimidating for me. I am, by nature, quiet and reserved so putting myself out in the blogosphere is daunting to say the least. That, coupled with the fact that I am technologically challenged should make for interesting times ahead. But I am very excited to begin this process and follow in Sean and Kenz's footsteps. But, today I'm just putting my toes in the water!

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